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Air racing is a type of auto racing where the cars race against the clock. There are many air racers available in the market and the majority of them are paperback-style games, offering you limited controls and gameplay modes. If you are looking for a fast-paced arcade racing game, then 3D Air Racer is what you need. It offers high-speed action and some great graphics. The game also features an unlockable car set as well as different tracks and modes to keep you hooked for a long. It is quite difficult to master the gameplay of this game but once you have it under your fingers, it becomes an addictive mobile game. If you are new to air racing games, we recommend that you start with simple ones like Air Race or Fly Or Die first before moving on to something more complex like this one.

3D air racing is a futuristic genre of racing video games created by the American studio, Hipster Whale. This new type of game was released on October 30th, 2018 for the Android platform. The developer has developed this game in collaboration with multiple gaming experts who have worked on the creation of other popular racing games such as Assetto Corsa and Gran Turismo. 3D air racers are similar to 3D car racers but instead of cars, these games involve planes or plane simulators. In these types of games, players must perform various tasks such as flying through checkpoints in order to finish the race before time runs out. There are different types of 3D air race games available for mobile devices but this article focuses on one specific game called Air Racer: Global Circuit Race and not any other similar.

Air racing is a form of auto racing that involves cars that are guided through a set course by pilots who sit in the car and steer it. The objective of air racers is to complete the race within the shortest possible time. Air racing has been a part of automobile races since the first organized auto races in France in 1905. The first air speed record was recorded on June 19, 1913. The data of this world record was published by the Royal Aero Club (RAeC) which was later renamed as Royal Aeronautical Society (RAS). Since then, air speed records have been regularly being broken by future aviation greats such as Burt Rutan, Richard Hammond, and Felix Baumgartner. Today, there are various types of air racers that cater to the different interests and abilities of pilots.

3D Air Racer is the most fun racing game you've ever played! Race through gorgeous environments at incredible speeds, and unlock new planes as you progress. The world’s most famous air races are coming to 3D Air Racers! Unlock legendary pilots like Jimmy Doolittle and William Boeing as you race through iconic locations like the Bonneville Salt Flats, Mount Kilimanjaro, and more! COMPETE IN STUNNING SURROUND SOUNDS: Manage your engine noise and music to find the perfect racing strategy for every track. Use a drone camera to record your best runs and share them with friends via Facebook or Twitter. You will be amazed by the visual fidelity of 3-D graphical worlds that have been built in this.

PC games have long been a popular way to waste time. That’s especially true when it comes to 3D flight simulator games, which offer users a seemingly infinite amount of opportunities to master the art of piloting various aircraft around the world. While the genre may seem niche and unapproachable, there are actually several great PC games in this category.

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