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Asphalt Legend

There are many things about driving an automobile that is not quite right. For example, it’s not smooth, it’s not really safe (in an accident), and it’s difficult to control. In other words, driving an automobile isn’t easy or simple but also doesn’t offer many chances for failure – at least in the real world. However, there is a way to improve your ability to drive an automobile and set you in the proper direction: Drive asphalt. While most people think of asphalt as a hard surface with sharp corners and sharp edges, in reality, it is actually made up of several varieties of materials such as brick, concrete, masonry, and terrazzo. Every type of asphalt has its own unique characteristics that make it good for driving. 

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In the beginning, there was asphalt. In the age of humanity, cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs are filled with people on every corner. The word “apek” (pronounced aspeek) translates literally to “on the pavement” or “pavement with asphalt”. It is actually a derogatory term for any surface that is not properly paved or maintained. Today, the word “apek” still has its negative connotation even though it is now used more often than ever. 

More than 40 years ago, the world of automotive legends came to an abrupt halt with the introduction of asphalt. The once-proud road vehicle had to be replaced entirely, and roads were left to slip beneath our feet. Today, we have a new challenge in front of us – which is, of course, driving on an asphalt road. 

In this game, you drive a car around the track in order to win. The faster you go, the better your score. You will find different types of tracks, such as urban and rural tracks. There are also unique cars that you can buy that give you unique attributes. 

how to play

Using Mouse