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Betting on cryptos and their derivatives is becoming more and more popular. One of the most interesting aspects of this trend is the creation of so-called “Crypto Collectibles”. These are digital assets that are created for the sole purpose of betting on digital assets. Such virtual items have one of the key characteristics of collectibles - rarity. Crypto collectibles are, in essence, digital tokens that provide their owners with access to a specialized game. Such access is usually associated with a limited number of game servers and specific virtual environments. The latter are usually called game worlds, MMORPGs, virtual worlds or simply games. Crypto collectibles are the latest manifestation of this phenomenon. They combine the best features of other digital collectibles, such as virtual goods and virtual games, to create something new and exciting. Crypto collectibles can be classified into several different categories. Let’s take a closer look at

It’s an era of augmented reality, computer games and crypto-collectibles. BitLife is an Android app that combines these three trends to create the perfect game for the new era. With the BitLife app, you can earn digital tokens called bits to spend on virtual goods in the game. BitLife is a computer game where you earn bits by logging your in-game activities and playing the game. You can spend these bits to buy virtual goods that improve your gaming experience. There are also several in-game features that will give you bonus bits if you spend them wisely. These features include leveling up your player avatar, completing in-game tasks, getting achievements and buying virtual goods. Read on to find out more about the game, how to get started and details about earning bits and spending them on virtual

Bitties are digital assets you can collect and trade in the BitLife world. The game is all about building your own digital economy and becoming a crypto tycoon. You start off by purchasing some bitties with REAL money. Then you can spend those bitties to build your character’s skills and abilities. You have to manage your money carefully, build your character, and buy the most useful items for your survival in the BitLife world. The game is in constant development, with new features and updates being added regularly. The gameplay also changes occasionally to keep things fresh. You can also win BitCoins by completing special tasks, like trading your real life favors for in-game ones, or by stumbling upon rare hidden items in the BitLife

If you’ve ever played games such as CryptoKitties or Papers, you’ll know that there are digital cats and papers that have a collectible value and rarity. These games have elements of casual gaming and digital collectibles in one. Blockchain game ‘bitlife’ is the same; but instead of digital cats and papers, you have digital bitcoins and bitleos. You can play it at your own leisure, explore the game and build your own strategies to conquer the challenges at hand. It is available on PC as well as mobile platforms. Here’s a small summary of what bitlife is

Game Life is a new genre that combines the best of both digital and real world. It involves gaming, simulation, and other digital worlds. In short, game life simulators merge the virtual and real world in a new digital format. In this article, you will get to know about the game life simulator, its types, advantages, risks, and

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