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Buildnow GG - Battles Game

About BuildNow GG:

BuildNow GG into the gaming world, in August 2021, BattleLab gave birth to it, and since then, it has swiftly become a favorite among competitive gamers. Similar to the well-loved 1v1 lol game, BuildNow GG is easily accessible across web browsers, Android, and iOS, ensuring a broad audience can immerse themselves in the thrill of gaming excitement.
Engage in BuildNow GG's Dynamic Gameplay

Gameplay Overview:

In the realm of BuildNow GG, your mission is to construct structures, transforming them into tactical hiding spots in heart-racing third-person battles. Swift decision-making is the key—choose your building location wisely and craft a clear battle plan to plunge into an exhilarating combat experience.

Diverse game modes

BuildNow GG unfolds a tapestry of diverse gaming experiences:

Battle Royale: Enter the traditional fighting mode, where you'll face off against other players until only one emerges as the ultimate survivor.
Team Deathmatch: Join forces, coordinate attacks, and strive to be the first to reach the score limit by outsmarting and eliminating the opposing team.
Domination: Launch strategic assaults, capturing and holding targets on the map to accumulate points and secure victory.
Creative Mode: Unleash your imagination as you enter a world where you can build anything your heart desires. It's a playground for creativity, turning your wildest ideas into virtual reality.

Game Control

Movement in Builnow GG:
WASD/Arrow Keys: Control the character
Space: Jump

Left-click: Fire
Right-click: Aim
Z: Pickaxe
1-5: Weapon Slots

V: Ramps
C: Floor
Q: Wall
Left Shift: Roof
F: Edit/Apply Edit
Scroll Wheel Down: Fast Edit Reset
Right-click: Reset Edit

Other Functions:
B: Emotes
P: Open Chat
M: Scoreboard

Game Feature

Resource Mastery: Collect scattered resources for fortified structures.
Architectural Freedom: Craft personalized forts with diverse building materials.
Strategic Destruction: Dismantle foes with an arsenal of powerful weapons.
Limited Lives, Maximum Strategy: Navigate wisely with a finite number of lives per round.
Fast-Paced Action: Engage in quick-thinking battles for intense gameplay.