Smash Karts

Burnin' Rubber 5 XS

If you love Cars, Destroy and Combat games, then this is the game for you. Drive your car at insane speeds through breathtaking city landscapes, fortresses and lush countryside roads. Blasting through checkpoints and smashing cars along the way. This is a fast-paced driving game where you need to stay alert at all times but most Have Fun! Race against other players to destroy as many cars as possible. Go for long distance races or simply hit the streets with your own set of wheels. Destroy as many Cars as you can in this demolition derby! You need to use your driving skills in order to take out as many obstacles as possible before time runs out. What would be better than getting some enjoyment from destroying other vehicles? Participating in demolition derbies with friends is even better! The more cars you The higher your rank will

In this game you will need to destroy the cars that are approaching by swiping with your finger. You have to match the same color of the approaching car and try to destroy it. Make sure you don’t let them reach their destination otherwise they will score X points. You need to destroy as many cars as possible while maintaining a steady rhythm. The game features a variety of different levels, so there is always something new to unlock. - Various Levels - The game features 20 different levels, which means that you can unlock 20 unique challenges with every completion of a level. - Multiple Gadgets Available - There are various ways in which you can play this game. Apart from using only one device for playing, you can also opt for using other gadgets such as a phone or an extension of your desktop computer’s

This is a simple game to play. You have 3 cars and 1 goal. Destroy all the other cars to proceed to the next level. To do this you will have to use your driving skills, patience and a good eye for where the other cars are at any given moment. Also keep in mind that you need to take as many turns as possible with your car so that it doesn't get tailgated. It is also important not to drive too fast or slam into other cars because this is how you lose lives in this game. The more times you lose, the faster the challenge gets until it's impossible to pass without using specific strategies which we call "XL

Are you tired of playing games that are the same? With the same graphics and the same mechanic? Then this game is for you! In Burninx27 we bring to you a new kind of game. This time, we will not make it a match 3 or a match 4, we will make it an xtremetier game. The Burninx27 rubber xtremecar game will test your driving, combat and drifting skills. Be ready to face your opponents and defeat them one by one in combat. Have fun in this new kind of car

Burninx27 is a Combat racing game where you race against the clock. Drive your car to the finish line before time runs out. - Awesome 3D graphics and driving feeling with WebGL support - 12 awesome cars, upgrade them as much as you can - Race against 10 different tracks in 5 different game modes - Time attack mode (beat the clock) and reverse race mode (race backwards). Reverse racing won’t be available in all game

how to play

Controls Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to drive your car Press Z and X or left and right mouse button to fire your weapons Hold Shift to drift