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Butterfly Kyodai

Butterfly kyodai deluxe is an entertainment that has attracted thousands upon thousands of players across the arena. Butterfly kyodai in which you connect two identical butterflies, which can be linked in a straight line and completely clear the board before the allotted time runs out. Start the game by clicking the play button. In this game your goal is to match the matching butterflies as fast as possible to clear the board. To select a butterfly, click on it, then find a matching one and click on it. When you match the correct butterflies, they will fly off the board. The most beautiful butterflies on the same line or at the edge can be combined. Can you quickly clean the board before time runs out? Wise use of the three assist buttons allows you to stay on time, shuffle tiles, or get suggestions. Butterfly kyodai is a completely simple game, but quite addictive and relaxing. Have fun!

how to play

How To Play Butterfly Kyodai