Smash Karts is the best next-gen io game with growth, 3D graphics, and battle arenas. Destroy other cars in this top-down shooter to get power ups. Collect coins, power ups, upgrades for your car, to get stronger and smarter opponents. Be the champion of!

It has the power of 3D graphics, but also supports web based gameplay. Players can download the game to experience its high quality while they're on their desktop computer, while they can play in their browser when they're on the go. This isn't just a racing game either--battle other players in an arena for ultimate power, or collect power.

Where you must grow by destroying your opponents and collect power-ups to stay alive the longest. As the game progresses, you'll be able to upgrade your car and power-ups by collecting coins that are scattered throughout the map. You can also use the coins to buy items in the store for your CarHit account, which will help you grow even faster! Players can also power up their car to collect coins and other power-ups while destroying the other cars. Join now to start playing!

how to play

Turn Left : "LEFT ARROW"

Turn Right : "RIGHT ARROW"

You can steer by holding down the left mouse