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Castle Defender Saga

Castle Defender Saga is a beautifully designed, addictive adventure game that will have you laughing and longing for more. With an immersive story line, strategic gameplay, and hundreds of quests to complete, this game will have you wanting to play for hours.

Castle Defender Saga is a free mobile game for Apple and Android devices. The game offers many hours of fun and is suitable for players of all ages. The game offers a variety of different play styles with varied difficulty level, which makes the game accessible to players of an array of skill levels.

Welcome to the Castle Defender Saga, a strategy game full of excitement! In this challenging RPG, you'll have to develop your own castle from scratch. With a plethora of weapons and items, you'll have to fend off all who challenge your castle. In-game music and pixel graphics will make you feel like you're in a classic RPG video game.

Castle Defender Saga is the perfect mix of strategy, arcade, and RPG. You will need to use your strategic skills to build a castle with, take care of it by placing the right defenses, and recruit enough soldiers to protect it. Don't forget about expanding and upgrading! You'll also need to go on an epic journey and complete the quests in order to get even better defenses and rewards. With an exciting storyline and colorful graphics, Castle

Castle Defender Saga is a strategically deep, action-packed defense game. Collect resources, build defenses, attack your enemies. Build your stronghold and fend off invaders with might and magic. Protect your honor and defeat the tyrant's army!

how to play

Tap the battle button to start fighting wave of enemies
Tap the lightning mage to cast a spell
Tap the swordsman to summon combat units
Tap the skill button to show skill upgrade menu.
Tap the lightning mage to show unit selection menu.
Upgrade the castle to increase health and mana points
Upgrade the town archers to increase damage output.