Smash Karts

Castle Defense

Welcome to the exciting Castle Defense game today. Build your castle into a big fortress, prevent enemies from attacking your castle. More than 40 levels of maps with different themes: forest, desert, ice and fantasy world are waiting for you. Use all 5 magic skills with ultimate power to destroy attacking monsters and 4 types of defense to protect your fortress. What are you waiting for, improve your strategic ability now.
Have fun playing the game!

how to play


- Do not permit enemies assault the fort.
- Build defenders along the street to kill enemies and get e-point.

Defender types:
- Alchemist residence: continuously generates e-factors over the years.
- Tower: cannon tower simplest attacks ground enemies. Lightning tower will assault each the floor and air enemies.
- Trooper: swordsman and wizard can block the road and save you enemies coming to the citadel.