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Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween

Become a monster taxi driver in this Halloween game. Drive through the night and pick up all the passengers you can find. But beware of zombies, ghosts and other spooky creatures!

Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween is a 3D Action and Adventure Game with car and taxi driving. You will have to start this journey as a little monster that wants to be the best driver in town! You will need to pick up many passengers, drive through the streets of dreams, collect power ups, avoid obstacles and race your competitors to reach your goal of becoming number one! You are sure to have fun with this game!

Race your taxi in the streets, use nitro boosts to overtake your opponents, and go through various obstacles in order to win the race. You can collect various power-ups and items on your way, such as time-stoppers, mines, and more. Earning points allows you to unlock new

Be a Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween driver and take passengers on a thrilling Halloween Adventure! Get your car ready to take on the world's wildest roads. Unlock new rides as you progress through the levels. Race your way to the final boss, but be careful as there are many obstacles in your way! Crayz Monster Taxi is a fun arcade game for kids and adults alike!

how to play

Arrow keys + WASD / Mobile Touch Control

Adjust the balance with the gas so that the car does not turn!