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Dino Squad Battle Mission

Dino Squad Battle Mission is a fun, free, engaging game for kids. This exciting adventure provides hours of entertainment within an immersive world. It's the perfect game for kids who love dinosaurs and weapons! Test your skills as you take on different missions to save your friends from the deadly enemy.

Dino Squad Battle Mission is a military based action shooting game with a retro cartoonish art-style. In this game, you need to do missions as the Dino Squad, the evil dinosaur gang that wants to destroy mankind. Use your weapons and battle skills to shoot down those nasty dinos, but watch out for their fire!

Play as a member of the Dino Squad and help the little boy slay the ultimate villain in this epic battle! Lava pits, deserts, mountains, and more await you. With a variety of missions to choose from, there's something for everyone. Your squad will help you find your way out of trouble. Play as a dino, shooting bugs and other animals on the island. Collect coins to upgrade your weapons. The island is full of wild animals, weapons on fire, and challenging missions. Fight for your team and play with friends! The ultimate battle is right around the corner - Don't miss it!

how to play

WASD and click to control