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Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is an online driving game where you get to drive BMW M3 GTR. You get to race against other players, win prizes and show off your skills by drifting the car. The game is pretty realistic and allows players to adjust various car settings like traction control, stability control, suspension, and engine revs to get the perfect drift. This one is a free mobile game available for Android and iOS devices. It is a third-person driving game where you get to drive the car. This one is different from other car driving games in the fact that you don’t have to follow the track to reach the destination. Instead, you get to follow the other racers and attempt to out-drift.

Drift is a driving simulator game that can be played on many different platforms. In this game, you will be driving an automobile and have to do crazy stunts and speed bumps to earn points and unlock new levels. In this blog, we will be discussing about drift hunters game where you will be able to play the same game with your friends as well as other players. You will just have to install the OREO DRIFTING SIMULATION APK on your Android smartphone and start playing. It’s a simple game where you have to navigate the road as well as your opponents and try to finish the course in the fewest possible.

Do you love cars? Do you love driving them? And, of course, do you love drifting? If yes, then This game is the game for you! This is a game where you will get to explore the art of drifting. You will be able to explore various tracks where you will be able to learn and master the art of drifting. Once you have learned this art and drive your car well enough, you can take part in drift events and compete with other players. It doesn't matter if you're a car enthusiast, a racing fan, or a casual gamer, we're sure you'll love Drift Hunters ! It is a game for both the car nuts, racing fans, and casual gamers alike! Let’s discover the art of drifting now!

Drift racing or drifting is a performance driving technique where the driver slides the automobile sideways for a few feet before swiftly straightening it again. It’s quite a bit like skids and burnouts, although it’s a lot more extreme and requires more skill. It’s also a lot more dangerous and is therefore only suitable for experienced drivers who understand the risks involved. Many people have tried drifting on their own vehicles without much success, but it’s even much more difficult on a car that’s not designed for it. However, with a little practice, you can make your car drift with ease.

how to play

Use the WASD or arrows keys to steer the car

Use the space as the handbrake

Use C to change the camera position

Use left shift to shift up gears

Use left Ctrl to shift down gears