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Family Clash

Family Clash, a challenging and fun puzzle game built on the ideas of popular TV shows. It can be played on all computer devices, tablets, mobile phones with Andoid or IOS operating systems. Coming to Family Clash, you will test your knowledge, your memorization level. In this game, intelligence is not everything. The main idea of ​​this quiz program is to find correct alternatives to everyday questions. Are you confident to conquer all these puzzles? Once you play, you will definitely be addicted and can't stop.

Your main task in Family Clash is that you have to try to find the top 5 answers to each question. 2 correct answers in the top 5 list will take you to the next round. However, when you give 3 wrong answers, the round is over! You also have a specified time limit. You should check the top of the screen to see your remaining time. All you have 3 rounds to complete. And your score will be doubled and tripled when you complete these rounds. Be the bravest and fastest player right now. Show you will be the first to answer all the questions correctly! Good luck!

how to play

How To Play Family Clash