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Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales
Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales

Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales

In the small village of Firemana, the old man of the town was always telling stories. One night, the old man realized that this was his last night telling stories to his beloved townspeople. This made him even more determined to tell the most amazing and enchanting stories he could think of. The next day, he told the first story of An old, gnarled and twisted horticulturalist lived in the forest with his granddaughter and a wizard. They had a strange hobby of collecting and preserving fairytales the way they were told by the old man’s grandfather, who had lived in the forest long before. One day, the old man’s magic book had a strange power over the wizard, who began to think up new ways to abuse the book and its stories. The old man did his best to tell his grandson to keep away from the wizard, but this was not easy, given the fact that his granddaughter was in love with him. The old man’s tale ends here. The Watergirl is a new and original game from Fireboy Studio. Players take control of the Watergirl, a cute little mermaid who spends her days swimming, singing, kissing and catching fish. But one day, she falls into the This is the Watergirl’s first adventure! In this game, you will follow the Watergirl on her quest to

Firefighter Ampe Watergirl is one of the most challenging platform game for two players. The heroine of the game is Watergirl and the hero is Fireman. Watergirl is the cute girl and Fireman is a brave man. Both of them are in the same team to save the princess. They have to play this challenging game together to complete all the levels and win the game. This platform game has many levels which are increasing in difficulty level. The level of the game starts easy enough but as you progress through the levels, the challenges increase and it becomes harder and harder. There are various obstacles in each level. For example, there are water pipes which are coming out of the ground and water spouts coming out of the pipes. If you fall into either of these, you’ll need to perform some quick thinking to make your way back to where you were. There are also moving platforms, laser beams, lasers and more. Getting to the end of each level requires a combination of skill, logic and good

This storybook-style platformer will have you hook, line and sinker. Team up with the Watergirl or the Fireboy to complete crazy-odd tasks and achieve the highest score. Use the environment strategically to overcome obstacles and foes, and solve puzzles to reach the end and unlock the next level. But be careful, if you don’t complete each level’s objective or task, you won’t be able to proceed to the next level. To help you on your way, we created four challenging chapters that can be replayed to help you with specific tasks. If you succeed, you will earn stars that you can use to unlock the next chapter. But if you fail, you will be left with the chapter’s task to try again. A perfect game for the tale lovers and puzzle fanatics out

A fire hydrant that can talk and a girl who can shoot water from her fingers make for an unlikely duo. But with a little coaxing they can join forces to make a great firefighting team. Help this fire hydrant and watergirl unite in a battle against evil to save their town. It’s a tale as old as time, or is it? The evil witch has invaded their town and its up to these two unlikely heroes to put an end to her reign of terror. It’s time to put your puzzle solving skills to the test in this epic 2 players puzzle platform adventure game. Can you work together with these 2 unlikely heroes to save their

Fireboy Amp is an old-school platformer with a twist – water. You play as the fireboy Amp and watergirl, who are trapped in the magical forest of beasts. You must work together, fight the enemies and solve challenging puzzles. Which one of the two of you will win the heart of the

how to play

Use AWD to move Watergirl

Use the Arrow keys to move Fireboy

Use your mouse to move the Fairies

Complete all levels fast enough and grab all the diamonds to get a perfect score.