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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird, a famous game that gives players many different emotions.
Coming to this version of the game Flappy Bird we will still play the old classic way, the bird will start going from the pipes with a large distance to a smaller distance. Controlling this crazy bird has never been easy, fly through the pipes skillfully so as not to be stabbed, you need to be very focused!
Be patient to accomplish each goal, your task in this Flappy Birds game is to take the bird through as many water pipes as possible. Keep playing and conquer it. Once you find a good rhythm, this game will become easier. If you keep playing, you can also improve your reaction time and score. If you want to help the little bird keep flying, you should keep playing this game! You can keep playing for hours and have fun wherever you are! Let's rise to number 1 on the leaderboard!
How to play Flappy Bird
Click the mouse or SPACEBAR to make the bird fly.
Have fun playing Flappy Birds online!

how to play

How To Play Flappy Bird