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Fruit Ninja

It's time to slice some fruit (and some other stuff)! Everyone's favorite fruit-slicing, screen-shattering, mind-blowing game is back and better than ever! Slice your way through waves of juicy fruit, while avoiding bombs, in this satisfying & addictive arcade game. With three different modes to choose from, and a whole new graphical style, get ready for the cutting-edge mobile experience that made the original Fruit Ninja a worldwide phenomenon.

Fruit Ninja is a slicing game with a global following. The player can slice through an entire fruit or vegetable with a blade and collect points. It's a thrilling battle of fruit, ninja style. Throw your best "banzais" and collect as many points as you can to unlock new swords, blades, and backgrounds. Fruit Ninja is available for phones, tablets, and PCs.

Watch in amazement as our world-famous fruit is cut to pieces by your swift sword! Swipe the screen to deliciously slash through pineapples, strawberries, bananas and more in a matter of seconds. With a variety of exotic locations to choose from, Fruit Ninja's always fresh and exciting. What are you waiting for? The fruit's not going to slice itself!

how to play

Slice the flying fruit! Do not slice the bombs.