Smash Karts

Do you like playing games and drawing? If so, is the perfect game for you! We offer a range of different games and art tools for you to enjoy. You can even join online multiplayer games with friends. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, This game has something to attract you. is a guessing game that requires you to sketch and doodle. Before the timer runs out, figure out what the other players are drawing and make your own stunning graphics for them to guess. Win by drawing, guessing, and guessing. That's all there is to it!

This is a guessing-based online drawing game that relies on your ability to draw the word supplied to you. When it's your time, choose one of the two options and draw a picture. Choose your favorite, and if it's a tricky one, use the 'hint' button to hint at some letters!

Players that guess correctly receive points. Drawing letters, numbers, and symbols is against the rules, but anything else is allowed! Users who break the rules can be reported, and their turn will be skipped.

To begin a game, choose a nickname and press the 'play' button. You can join a custom game room or make your own under 'rooms' if you're looking for a more specialized theme. There, you and your buddies can create private multiplayer games with specific settings. You'll be able to build custom themes, add favorites, and interact with other players once you sign up.

how to play

Left-click to choose a color and drag the left mouse button to draw.