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Ghoul Racers

Ghoul Racers is a spine-tingling and exhilarating kart racing game that adds a supernatural twist to the classic racing genre. Developed by Haunt Games and published by Specter Entertainment, this game takes players on a hair-raising journey through eerie tracks filled with ghosts, ghouls, and paranormal surprises. Let's dive into the hauntingly fun world of Ghoul Racers.


In Ghoul Racers, players immerse themselves in the role of a daring racer who must navigate through a series of spooky and atmospheric tracks. The game combines the thrill of kart racing with a supernatural theme, offering an experience that is both fun and mildly eerie.

Key Features:

  1. Creepy Characters: The game features a cast of quirky and otherworldly characters, each with their own unique abilities and a ghostly charm that adds to the game's atmosphere.

  2. Haunted Power-Ups: One of the game's standout features is its arsenal of haunted power-ups. Collect items like spectral speed boosts, ghostly projectiles, and temporary invisibility to gain an advantage over your spectral competitors.

  3. Track Variety: Ghoul Racers boasts a variety of tracks inspired by spooky locales like haunted mansions, cursed graveyards, and enchanted forests. These tracks come alive with dynamic weather conditions, changing the gameplay and keeping racers on their toes.

  4. Customization: Customize your eerie ride with a range of spooky themes, colors, and decals. Personalize your character's appearance with ghostly accessories, costumes, and masks that will make you stand out in the paranormal pack.

  5. Multiplayer Thrills: Engage in multiplayer races with friends and online competitors, creating a thrilling and competitive gaming experience. Race to the finish line or use your power-ups strategically to haunt your opponents.

  6. Ghostly Challenges: Dive into a single-player campaign filled with challenging races, time trials, and special objectives. Complete these tasks to unlock new content and reveal the mysteries hidden within the game's eerie world.

Graphics and Sound:

The game's graphics are hauntingly beautiful, with detailed environments that capture the eerie ambiance of each track. The soundtrack adds to the immersive experience, featuring eerie melodies and spooky sound effects that complement the supernatural theme.

Community and Updates:

Ghoul Racers encourages community engagement by regularly releasing updates that introduce new characters, tracks, and power-ups. The developers are actively involved in listening to player feedback to ensure the game remains captivating and engaging.


Ghoul Racers is a thrilling and entertaining kart racing game that offers a unique twist on the genre by infusing it with a delightful dose of the supernatural. Whether you're racing solo through the haunted tracks or challenging friends in multiplayer mayhem, the game promises hours of spooky fun. So, get ready to rev your spectral engines, navigate the paranormal twists and turns, and prove yourself as the ultimate racer in the eerie world of Ghoul Racers

how to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard