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Gold Strike

Gold Strike, a puzzle game that is challenging and has no shortage of fun. Possessing an attractive gameplay and eye-catching interface will make you unable to take your eyes off this game.
It is impossible to imagine how hot this Gold Strike game is, it is the most popular game today for office workers. For Gold Strike, you can play the game without installing, even without a computer, you can play it right on your phone. This is the new version and definitely won't let you down.
The ultimate goal in this game is that you play the role of a miner looking for gold in the mysterious forest. To get the gold you need to throw the country to smash the useless blocks in the way. To remove you must match two or more adjacent blocks to make them disappear. Some blocks are gold, some are stone, and some are concrete. So your first goal is to collect gold blocks and earn points by throwing your pickaxe. There is no limit to how many times you can throw your pickaxe. When you make the blocks disappear, the depth of the mine will increase. Be careful! If the wall gets too close, you will be stuck in a gold mine.
And don't forget! You can earn more points by vanishing special objects like skeletons, honey jars and diamonds! It's simple right? So are you ready to show off your super skills? Come and conquer Gold Strike now with us. Wish you happy gaming!

how to play

How To Play Gold Strike