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Highway Racer

In the year 1954 the world was in the state of chaos. The second world war had just ended and everything seemed to be back to normal again. A few car makers had started producing small inexpensive cars for the common man. These small car makers soon merged into one large conglomerate company named as AG. With visions of dominating the automobile market, within a decade, BMW had become the largest automaker in the world. However, their ambitions were not limited to just automobiles alone. Within a few years of its incorporation, it also began producing motor bikes with much success. BMW soon realized that if it wanted to compete with other global automobile companies, it needed to expand its horizons too. And so the idea for an automotive company which produces multiple products was born. After much research and development, BMW launched its first product called Highway Racer in 1974. It was an expensive luxury car manufactured by BMW but its performance was simply

This game is a race between the cars with the most powerful engine. The players will have to choose the car that has a powerful engine without any other considerations. You will have to upgrade your car in order to be able to compete with more powerful opponents. This game requires great attention, reflexes, and good hand-eye coordination as well as strategy in choosing the right path at the right time in order to finish first each level. In this game you control Bmw M3 GT2 and your task is to drive from point A to point B without hitting any obstacles or other cars. You can upgrade your car whenever you want by spending cash that you earn by completing missions and race events. So take your time and explore all Bmw M3 GT2 has to offer before taking on new challenges. Good

In this game you will be the driver of a BMW car who must finish all the missions given to you. You have to complete those missions without crashing into anything, getting hit, or hitting potholes. This is a racing game where you use your skills as a driver and accuracy as an archer to reach the finish line safely. You can upgrade your car with new parts that will help you in your mission. The more challenges you face with each level, the more experience points you will earn which is how we unlock new and better cars for our character to drive in future

In the racing game Highway Racer you take the place of a cool guy in a convertible who is on his way to the final race of his car career. The journey will be long and difficult, but with every new level you will get stronger and stronger. In this underground racing game you can drive different types of cars: from muscle cars to luxury sports cars or supercars, like the BMW M3 or the McLaren. Here we have different races for you: street races, drag races and circuit races. Make sure that you complete them all in order to unlock all of their levels. Have

The world has changed and you no longer have a choice: you must escape from the anomalous city that you spent your whole life in. The city is strange, something is wrong and it is up to you to uncover what that is. Are you able to handle everything that awaits you

how to play

Controls W or up arrow to accelerate AD or left/right arrow to steer the car Space to use handbrake