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Welcome to the challenging Impostor game. Coming to Impostor, you and other players will appear together in a spaceship, belonging to a spaceship, wandering in outer space. Besides having to try to maintain the operating condition of the ship through the repair of damaged parts. You and other players also need to be on the lookout for fakes. Those are mysterious alien creatures full of evil. They have infiltrated your ship's compartment with a plot to destroy all humans in it.
Players participating in Impostor will be divided into 2 groups, the Thien and the Impostor. The task of the Thien faction is to try to repair all the broken parts on the ship to win. The mission of the Impostor faction is to destroy all the players who play as Humans on the spaceship before they can repair all the damaged parts. The game will end when either faction achieves its goal.
Players on the Good side can approach broken devices to repair them. In addition, the good player will have a bright field in front of them and when the Impostors enter this light, they will be destroyed. For players on the Impostor side, you will need to avoid bright areas, close to the target to be able to finish them. Have fun playing the game!

how to play

How To Play Impostor