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Interstellar Run

Conquer the near-impossible challenge, jump and fly your way through the space tunnel with Interstellar Run. Push your skills to the limit, flex your fingers as you jump, fly and glide through dangerous areas without falling and skillfully dodge through every ray of light on your way. Explore the various types of space, overcome all the obstacles in the game at lightning speed and find the hidden secrets in Interstellar Run. To become the winner, carefully calculate the correct score to avoid danger and jump through the openings of the endless space tunnel. This is a game that keeps you entertained for hours, it's really addictive.

The pace in Interstellar Run is quite fast, it will make you scream in frustration when you are going a long way and accidentally fail, but you will continue to play from the beginning.

The rules of the game are very simple and the goal of this game is to train your reflexes and concentration, surely it will be extremely attractive and interesting, right?
Have fun playing the game!

Game Features
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

how to play

Desktop: Use arrow keys to move
Mobile devices: Use touch controls to move