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Kart Fever

Kart Fever is the ultimate racing game for kids and adults, featuring a range of modes and environments to choose from. Race as a forkid, as a racer, or just have fun drifting around! Kart Fever is made by a small team of 2 dudes who love to race cars and have a good time.

Kart Fever is an addictive game that will challenge your racing skills and timing. Do you have what it takes to win the kart fever championship? Choose your kart and race to win. With realistic physics and intuitive controls, Kart Fever is an easy and fun-to-learn racing game that will keep you entertained for hours. Challenge yourself or your friends to a multiplayer race.

Kart Fever is featuring beautiful 3D graphics, fast-paced racing, and easy controls. The perfect racing challenge for any age! Racing, and driving if they want to be the winner. It is an easy-to-use, intuitive game that requires high levels of skill for players who are interested in racing, drifting, and speeding. Kart Fever is free to play on the web (desktop) and on your mobile phone or tablet.With so many challenges to take on in this game, it will keep the kids glued to the screen for hours. And with so many levels, this game never gets old! Just pick your driver and get ready for the Kart Fever!


how to play

Arrow-Keys to Drive
Spacebar to Jump
Hold Spacebar to Drift
R to Reset