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Kart Jigsaw

Kart Jigsaw is the most epic jigsaw puzzle game you can play on your mobile device. The ultimate kart jigsaw from the creators of Kart Jigsaw. Every kart enthusiast deserves a kart jigsaw just like this! Kart Jigsaw features a wide range of vehicles for you to collect and race, including classic karts, retro karts, and even stunt bikes. You can play across a huge variety of beautiful tracks in spectacular racing environments with day and night cycles. The game features three modes of play, including casual, arcade, and time trial. With over 40 puzzles to choose from and more coming soon, Kart Jigsaw is sure to provide hours of entertainment for you or your friends.

Kart Jigsaw is the best of both worlds, with a mix of puzzle and kart racing in one game. Don't let the word 'puzzle' fool you, this game is difficult and has a high skill ceiling. Play by yourself or with friends to discover new layouts, unlock achievements, and compete for the #1 spot on our global leaderboard! Race against AI opponents to reach checkpoints, find hidden items along the track.

It's a fun and arcade-like karting game that will keep you entertained with its simple and addictive gameplay. With over 100+ unique levels to play through, Kart Jigsaw will never leave you bored.

It's puzzling, it's racing, it's karting, it's Kart Jigsaw! The world's first puzzle game where you collect cars, build up your garage, and win races.

Need an easy-to-play, low-stress game? Kart Jigsaw is the perfect game for you. With its easy, intuitive gameplay, it's the perfect way to get your brain going. There are plenty of puzzles to solve with different difficulty levels - from Easy to Expert. All you have to do is use your finger to drag each puzzle piece into place. It's also possible to play offline without internet connection.

how to play

Use mouse or touch the screen!