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Kizi Kart Racing

Kizi Kart Racing is a racing game like no other. In this game, you can design a kart to your liking and race against other players in different leagues. The trickiest part of this game is the obstacle course. It might be easy to go around a few obstacles, but there are some that require you to steer the kart back and forth in order to get through them. Many players find the driving difficult at first because there's no brake button. But with practice, it becomes easier! Just remember that sometimes patience is necessary.

This one is a game where you can race against others on various racing tracks. You get to upgrade your kart as well so that it can do better in the races. There are many obstacles along the way that you need to avoid. The best part is, it’s free! There are plenty of other games to try out here as well if you enjoy this one, and they’re all free!

This amazing game is a racing game with tons of exciting levels. In this game, you can drive your kart through all kinds of obstacles, from boulders to loops. Unlock new karts and upgrade your existing ones by collecting coins on the track.

how to play

W or up arrow to accelerate

AD or left/right arrow to steer

Space bar to use a power-up