Smash Karts

Do you know how to play It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that involves fantasy knights and dragons. In this game, you can choose your team of three and then join others in battle. There are many different enemies and different strategies that you can use as well. This is one of the best multiplayer games for kids who need to release their energy and have a good time. So, let’s learn how to play the game!

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This game is a new, multiplayer game designed for the web. It’s a medieval action RPG with a huge world to explore and an intense combat system. In This amazing game, you play as one of two main characters – the Dragon, who fights against evil villains in an arena-style game. The other character is the Warrior, who helps the Dragon and defends the kingdom from enemies. You can team up with friends or play by yourself, and share progress through online leaderboards and social. is a 3-D multiplayer game where players must fight to the death in a round arena. Players can kill each other with a variety of weapons and abilities. It's easy to play, but hard to master. It's also free!

The game takes place on an island that is completely surrounded by a fence with no exits, so you will have to get creative if you want to break out of this prison. The catch is that the game never ends: players can continue playing indefinitely or they may choose to "quit" the game and end their session by clicking on the top left corner of their screen.

In, your goal is to be the last player alive. Every round in this shooter takes place on a map of the world with various places to explore and respawn points for when you die. You'll have to remain alert at all times as other players will try to ambush you, steal your territory, or steal your loot. If you don't want that to happen, you'll need to defend yourself from bullets and other players. When someone steals your territory, they become an enemy and only one person can occupy a territory at a time. The victory conditions are simple: be the last player alive and win the game by capturing three territories in total.

how to play

Move your mouse to control the lord

E to build house

R to build tower

T to summon soldier

Y to summon knight

U to summon archer

I to summon barbarian

O to summon dragon

Space bar to split army