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Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect, an addictive puzzle game. Here, you no longer feel the pressure of work but only feel comfortable and relax your mind. Enjoy the game every day, your goal in this game is to quickly clear the board and earn as many points as possible. Find 2 matching mahjong pairs, combine them to clear from the board before the allotted time runs out to complete each level. The rule of this game is that the path between 2 found cells cannot exceed 3 lines or 2 90 degree angles. Make the right strategies and try to finish to the last level in this game. Wise use of the three assist buttons allows you to stay on time, shuffle tiles, or get suggestions. Butterfly kyodai is a completely simple game, but quite addictive and relaxing. Be the one with the highest score. Wish you happy gaming!

how to play

How To Play Mahjong Connect