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Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale Nations is a new, multiplayer first-person shooter game that combines the excitement of a battle royale game with the strategy of a 3D strategy game. In This amazing game, players battle it out in a never-ending war for control of the world’s most popular islands. The islands are divided into three different zones: The Fortress, The Jungle, and The Beach. Each zone has its own set of challenges and rewards, giving players the opportunity to experience all three zones at the same win the game, players must first purge all of their enemies on each island by destroying their strongholds. Once they have eliminated all of their enemies, they can claim the island and award it to another player as a reward. Players can also team up and take on larger waves of enemies together to earn even more rewards. This one is available now on PC/Mac/Linux and is free to download and play. For more information and to play today, visit our website.

This one is a new 3D first-person shooter game set in a world of luxury and war. You are the ruler of a small, independent nation, and you must battle your neighbors for control of the resources and territories. The goal is to build the best kingdom possible and survive against the hordes of zombies, enemies, and rivals. Play as one of five unique characters and explore an award-winning world full of beauty.

Mini royale is a new, Tower Defense-style 3D first-person shooter game with an io twist. In Mini Royale Nations, players battle for control of one of five unique nations, all in a cooperative multiplayer game. skirmish and team up to take down your opponents in appointed areas. The game features three different waves of enemies: the Regular Army, the Rebel Militia, and the Infected. The Regular Army is the weakest wave and can be easily defeated; the Rebel Militia are stronger and can take down even the strongest player, but are less common; and the Infected are huge and powerful, making them the ultimate threat. Players can also purchase weapons and equipment to help them defeat their opponents, including vehicles and towers. mini royale offers a variety of different gameplay modes including campaign, multiplayer, cooperative multiplayer, leagues (up to 10 players), Steam Leaderboards, achievements.

how to play

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump