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Ninja Man

To reach and stroll on the platforms, stretch the stick. Take care! You will fall if the stick is not long enough! How far can you push yourself? Come play Ninja Man with us.

A ninja is a member of a traditional martial arts Romania game. The character known as the Ninja originated in Japan but became popular after its introduction in Europe. The first appearance of a ninja was in Toba Soen’s 14th-century novel, The Tale of the Gallant Ninja Hattori. In that story, Soen’s ninjas were trained in arts such as swordsmanship and archery. This hero could blend into very hidden places to kill his enemy and also to escape from enemies when they came after him.

The first ninja games appeared on Nintendo DS after the launch of this console in November 2006. It was later followed by other games like Ninja Cats: Hebereke! Oishii! Pururiru!, Ninja Senki DX, or Ninjachaun for Wii and 3DS. Today you can find hundreds of different games related to ninjas on any gaming website or mobile app store with the same theme.

The game is known as Stickman, and it’s also one of the most played mobile games in the world. You might have seen it released in game mode in 2016. It has over 50 MILLION active players on Facebook alone, and that number just keeps growing.

If you are wondering what makes this game so popular, then let us explain! The objective of this game is to help the stick figure reach the end of the level before it runs out of air by stretching obstacles and walking along with platforms. Sounds easy right? Well, that’s where it gets challenging! How far can you go? With various levels, themes, and even characters to unlock, this mobile game never gets old!

how to play

Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms.