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Outspell is an addictive and fun word game that requires you to spell words using a given list of letters. This game features beautiful graphics and an easy-to-use interface. You can play against your friends, or just challenge yourself to get the highest score possible. Play now at

Outspell is a word puzzle game for 1 player. It features a rich, immersive story about the struggles of an enigmatic figure in the midst of a war. In the game, players must find words in a grid to defeat the armies from The Dark side and win the war. Players can use their mouse or touch-screen to explore multiple locations in search of enemies, weapons, and scrolls that will help them unlock new levels and spells. There are more than 60 levels with 3 difficulty modes (easy, moderate, and challenging). What are you waiting for? Get ready to play Outspell.

This one is a word-building, puzzle game that can be played by one. It's a simple yet challenging game with the goal of finding words and spelling them correctly. This one is based on the foundation of all crossword puzzle games: find words, spell them right. Your board will consist of randomized letters and you must find as many words as possible before time runs out! Anyone can play this solo game at their own pace, which makes it perfect for gamers looking for something new to play. If you get stuck, try using your free letter that's given each turn to spell a word! If this sounds like something you'd love to play, then go ahead and play it!

how to play

Click or drag left mouse button to move the letters.