Smash Karts


Enjoy playing games, delight in exploring and conquering to go to the top with OvO. Show your skills to overcome dangerous obstacles on the road and grab the flag as fast as you can to pass each level. Be the winner beat every level with your flexible hands and bring home 20 coins at each level to unlock the skins you want.
Use arrow keys to move and jump.
Press down at the same time as running to slide. Leap at the same time as sliding to go further in the air.
Press down whilst you're inside the air to spoil, this allows you to undergo transparent structures.
You could also leap higher by jumping right after hitting or by way of standing subsequent to a wall while you jump. Perform a wall soar by way of pressing up at the same time as sliding down the wall.
Are you ready? Let's accompany and conquer the challenges right away. Wish you happy gaming!

how to play

Use arrow keys to move and jump.