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Parking Fury 3D: Night Thief

Parking Fury 3D Night Thief, become a car thief at night. While the city is asleep, you act to make money. In this game, your task is to make a lot of money by stealing cars, but pay close attention to avoid the police patrol. It's over if you get caught by the police.
Get in the car and sneak away in the dark, performing risky and extremely stimulating car thefts. With beautiful 3D graphics and different vehicle vehicles, drive your car on beautiful city streets with brilliant shimmering lights.
There are different missions for you, some missions require you to park your car in different locations in the city, some require you to crash the car multiple times. On the street, whichever car you like, you can jump out to steal it very carefully. Complete many missions to unlock more super cars, upgrade your car.
Come on, let's start conquering this city at night right now!
Have fun playing the game!

how to play

Game controls: WASD or arrow keys
Car theft: Ctrl
Brake: space
Change camera: C