Smash Karts

Pixel Apocalypse Survival Online

The earth is in danger and very confused by the appearance of many zombies. That is the most powerful biological weapon that enemies on other planets bring to the earth. Stand up and knock them all down, regaining peace for your earth.It is the struggle that everyone that isn't always lifeless requires to enroll in! The empires of zombies can show up at any time. Maybe now will absolutely be the closing day! A crew of survivors called MPS-16 wants to accumulate different dwelling humans. They may be circumnavigating the sector to find out snipers, guns, and other shooters to kill zombies. Lifeless valley among east is the target region for this hard journey. The journey begins extraordinarily; the team is caught in a gallery by way of crowds of zombies. The shooters want to fight via the useless evening with a couple of weapons. Yet, a key's disclosed, which makes these survivors strongly trust in their goal. Their real struggle starts. Millions of people acquire weapons, form your team and fight for peace now. The hero is you!
Wish you happy gaming!

how to play

Move: WASD or arrow keys
Switch weapon: 1 to 9
Reload: CHEAP
Shoot: left mouse
Jump: space
Bow: C
prone: Ctrl
Acceleration: Shift