Smash Karts

Poker Tri Peaks

The Poker Tri Peaks game is made up of:

Three Peaks: there are 3 peaks (pyramids), every one is four playing cards high. The peaks percentage the lowest level. The cards at the lowest are face up, the higher ones are face down.
The Stock: the facedown pile on the bottom left. It's miles used to attract playing cards from and put on the waste.
The waste: the faceup pile subsequent to the inventory. It is empty inside the beginning.
The goal of the game is is to transport all playing cards from the 3 peaks onto the waste. You can most effective flow open playing cards to the waste, a card is considered open if there are not any other playing cards protecting it. At the start the entire backside row is open. After you circulate cards from the peaks you open up other playing cards that you can then turn over and are then open to move to the waste as properly.

You may circulate a card onto the waste if it ranks one higher, or one lower than the topmost card on the waste. E.g. If there is a 6 at the waste you can move a five or a 7 there. To start with the waste is empty and you could flow any card there. You are allowed to "turn the corner", i.e. Cross K A 2 A K, you could placed an ace on a 2 or a King.

When you have no cards in the peaks that may be moved to the waste then you may get a card from the stock and flip it over to the waste. You could simplest pass one time via the inventory, there are no resets allowed, so do not use unless you definitely can not circulate any cards from the peaks.

how to play

Use mouse