Smash Karts

Shot Shot

Wait for the perfect moment and shoot the ball in the hoop. One of the most thrilling sports in the world is back and better than ever! Swing your arm and release when you feel like you can make it for a perfect dunk or make it in the hoop to score.

Shot Shot is a fun and challenging arcade basketball game about shooting hoops. Show off your skills as you take on the challenge of dunking the ball in as little attempts as possible. You have been challenged by your friends to prove you're the best.

You've always wanted to be a pro-basketball player, but never had the skills. Shot Shot is the perfect game for you! With smooth gameplay and beautiful graphics, you'll feel like you're playing in your very own personal basketball court. From the moment you start playing, it'll be clear that Shot Shot is one of the most addicting games on the App Store. And with more content on the way, this game will never

Get ready for the greatest and most addictive bucket ball game! Shoot Shot is a simple but fun and addictive arcade game about shooting hoops and scoring points. With its easy to use interface and fun gameplay, it will keep you entertained for hours!

Shoot, shoot. You can always shoot. It's great to see you score. Shoot Shot is an arcade game that will take you back to the playground.

how to play

Tap as fast and accurate as you can in limited time to make a high score.