Smash Karts

Sky Road Car Racing

Get ready to race on the most beautiful, yet challenging, arcade game in the world! You are a driver and you must complete a course in order to reach the finish line. It will not be an easy road for you and your team. It is up to you to get them there! Things will get difficult as time progresses. Drive with confidence because this is one of the best driving games for io players on the market. Get ready to drive through enemy fire, corners unpredictably, slow down traffic, and more than enough nitro to finish the race. 

Drive the red car down the road at high speed. Fight other drivers and destroy your opponents' cars at all costs to become the number one ranked driver in the world! The more you drive, the better you will get! Enter a unique game mode called Defense where you have limited time to save your race from destruction. Drive as fast as you can but be careful not to crash into anyone else's car or else you will be done for! 

3DS is the perfect platform for making 3D games. The graphics are beautiful, the sound effects and music are fantastic, and it has amazing social features that make playing games together as a team easy and fun. While Nintendo has been focusing on creating its own franchises with unique experiences for users all over the world, third parties have also begun to take up the 1-2- Switch gaming trend. 

We are a team of three brothers, who are obsessed with gaming and playing games. We started our gaming journey from a PC when we were seven years old. In our early days, we played only PC games and love them all! We have been gaming ever since. However, now, for the past few years, we have grown our gaming horizon to include Playstation 4 and Xbox One as well. 

how to play

Using Mouse and Key Board