Smash Karts

Sky Track Racing

Speed your car and drive as fast as you can. Collect coins and nitro to boost your speed or slow down your opponents with ice blocks, spike traps, and others.

Do you love speed? Do you love thrill? Are you always ready to take on new challenges? If yes, then get ready for the crazy fun of Sky Track Racing.

Get ready for the most adventurous snow race of your life! When a group of friends decides to have some fun and go snowboarding, they don’t expect to get lost in the woods. But, that’s exactly what happened! Now you need to help them find their way back, by steering them past all the dangerous obstacles and getting them home safely. You will need all your skills as a driver if you want to get through this crazy experience unscathed. Are you ready?

Calling all racers! Are you ready to put your skills to the test? Go through challenging tracks and beat your opponents to win in this 3D racing game! Drive your car, truck, or any other vehicle of your choice and win the race. But be careful, there are a lot of obstacles on the road that will try to slow you down. Jump over hills, avoid ice patches and drive as fast as you can to be first at the finish.

Sky Track Racing is the most amazing and challenging 3D racing game that you will ever play. Let’s test your driving skills and reflexes with this exciting new game! The World Championship takes place in a magical world of floating islands, fountains, and castles. Prepared for the ultimate test? If yes, then get ready to drive!

how to play

Use the up and down keys on your keyboard to control your car.