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Snow Rider 3D

Everyone loves a good snowman! Snow is at its best when you’re wearing your favorite snow gear and riding your board down the slopes. However, most people hate the snow when it’s freezing outside. This is where this game comes in! This is the perfect game if you’re looking for something to do in the snow, but not if you’re the only one who wants to play! Challenge your friends to play this snowman racing game and see who the best snowman is! Are you ready to go? Then let’s get started with our Snow Rider 3D game.

Snow Rider 3D is a fast-paced snowmobile racing game set in the beautiful snowy mountains. With 12 different snowmobiles and 6 different tracks, you’ll need to master your snowmobile to get the best time. Get ready for a thrilling snowmobile racing game where you'll need to be quick on your feet, sharp with your wits, and always ready to take on the next track. Get ready to challenge your friends to see who can get the best time on each track. Will you be the best snowmobile driver among your friends? Or will you be the best snowmobile driver?

It's the winter holiday season and you can feel the excitement in the air. Your friends are all asking the same question: when is the next snow day so we can spend time together? The only way to make everyone happy is to organize a snow day! Organize a snow day by getting everyone in your town involved in making it the best one yet! Organize a snow day in your town by playing this Snow Rider 3d.

how to play

Up arrow key or W - Jump Left arrow key or A - Steer Left Right arrow key or D - Steer Right