Smash Karts

There is a lot of snow, and extreme winter games these days! It can be hard to know who the best game is for you. Thankfully, we are here to help you find the perfect game with our top picks and snowball recommendations. Find out which snowball games will keep you entertained during your Christmas break or after a long day of stress.

What do you think about playing some This is a game that has been created for the winter season. It's very fast-paced, just like Christmas! is a game that resembles and can be played with family and friends. There are many levels to beat and it’s quite entertaining. is an amazing casual game, but there are also other games on our list that might interest you. is a game, in which players try to catch and destroy as many snowballs as they can. The more snowball you catch and destroy, the more points you’ll earn. To catch a snowball, simply click on it to start rolling it towards you. If you miss it, the snowball will bounce off of walls and hit other players! Use your mouse to drag your finger across the screen to pick up speed and throw the snowball at any player who happens to be nearby. How long can you keep playing? is an addictive, thrilling, and fun new game! It's a snow-filled blend of the classic snowball fight and the world of gaming. In this game, you take on the role of a snowball rolling along the endless snowy mountain in an attempt to knock your opponents off their feet before they knock you off yours. You can either play at your own pace or compete with friends and family in real-time to see who can roll the highest! This game has unlimited replay value as there are literally 100s of levels that will never be the same twice.
The best part about It's free, so visit it to start playing today! is a multiplayer game that has been taking the world by storm. The goal of the game is to create a snowball by collecting snowballs from other players and then rolling them towards the target. Players can also make their snowballs bigger by picking up other players’ smaller snowballs and splitting them into multiple pieces.

how to play

Hold left mouse button to move and make a snowball, release to shoot.