Smash Karts

The winter is here and with it comes to snow. Snowball fights, snowball skiing, and the annual battle royale game of! is an io game that you can play with friends or other players online. In the game, you and your opponents throw snowballs at each other while trying to stay on the map. The snowball will be more powerful if you are in close proximity to your opponent. There are also power-ups that randomly spawn around the map that will make you more powerful or give you a shield for a limited time. is the best winter game for this snow season. It's a multiplayer game where you and your friends can go out and throw snowballs at each other and hide in the snow. You can create a team or play solo, or even fight with another player from around the world in a snowball fight! There are many different modes of gameplay so that you can have fun in any weather condition. The goal of is to hit your opponents three times before they hit you three times. You need to be quick, strategic, and stealthy if you want to stay on top of the leaderboards. With tons of customization options and an easy-to-use interface, this new winter game is sure to be everyone.

how to play

Hold left mouse button to move and make a snowball, release to shoot.