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Super Bike The Champion

Play the Champion's game! Get ready for the most realistic virtual sports experience on Android. Most Realistic Sports Game Ever!! Become a Champion to Win The Championship! Test your skills in this amazing Super Bike The Champion Game. Race on different tracks, compete against players from all over the world, unlock new vehicles and upgrade your bike to keep pace with the competition. Prove you are the Speed King and become a Champion in this fast-paced action race game. Unlock new bikes, gear up, and become the ultimate racing champion! There are 8 different tracks designed by professional race course designers so you can spend hours enjoying high-speed hair-pin turns and challenging downhill runs. Build your own car garage or hang out with friends in the popular Social Areas where you can test your driving skills against other bikers or take part in multi-player events that test both your bike handling skills and nerve. Effortlessly access more than 100 real motorcycle models used in professional races that enable even semi-pros to get hooked to this adrenaline-pumping game! If you like playing games as much as we do here at Gameloft, then you'll love Motorcycle Racing 3D because it combines everything we love about games with real-life motorcycling.

The Super Bike The Champion is the latest supercar from the Super Cars series. Drive your way through the dirt tracks and huge hills in this cool 3D racing game. Challenge your friends to see who has the best Biker in town. Enjoy a fun-filled motorbike racing game with hundreds of amazing levels across different themes. Race against opponents, unlock new tracks, win achievements, and collect coins to get more upgrades and unlock more superbikes. The Champion Super Bike comes with many amazing features such as:
- Amazing 3D Graphics
- Hundreds of Levels across different themes
- Different bike types for you to unlock
- Unlock New Tracks as you progress through the game
- Realistic physics engine and a challenging AI.

Feel the adrenaline of motor racing with the Super Bike! Race on a fast and furious track, trying to beat your opponents as they come. Keep up with them and dodge their perilous obstacles. The Super Bike is a 3D car racing simulation game that offers you a new experience in racing games. The game focuses on realistic physics, quick car handling, and challenging tracks. You will have to earn cash by racing to unlock more tracks and cars. Whiz through courses at high speeds, dodging hazards and other racers while keeping an eye out for the police machine gunning after outlaws. Use nitro power-ups to boost your car’s top speed, improve handling or evade competitors.

Super Bike The Champion is a racing video game, developed by 8th Wonder, and published by Gamious. The Champion is the first installment in the Super Bike series. The game primarily focuses on wheeling around various tracks and obstacles that are set up on them. The player must keep a check on their speed, as well as their balance with the track. The Champion has several different playable characters with unique attributes, physics, and special moves; this allows for a wide variety of gameplay experiences from each character. The game was released for Microsoft Windows via Steam on October 16, 2018.

The Champion is a mini racing game where you have to drive your bike as fast as possible and win the race on a challenging track. You can upgrade your bike and its parts to keep the racer at its best. The more you upgrade your bike, the faster it gets but also more expensive. It’s time for you to prove that you are the champion!
- 12 levels of increasing difficulty
- 25 trophies with different challenges
- Intuitive controls and a high score system make every game.
Let's go!

how to play

WASD or arrow keys to drive
Space to respawn
C to change the camera view Xbox joystick supported.