Smash Karts

Super Lule Mario

In the Mushroom kingdom, after hearing the news that Princess Lili was captured and imprisoned in the castle by those who had the heart to monopolize the kingdom, Mario set out to rescue the princess from the hands of those evil people and prevent her from doing so. Stop them from dominating the kingdom.
Here, you play the brave Mario guy, on the way to rescue the princess, collect as many gold coins as possible, and special bricks with question marks ("?"), to When Mario hits it, more coins or special items will appear. The "secret" bricks may have more gold coins or be rare items. If you eat the Red and Yellow Special Mushrooms, Mario will double in size and be able to withstand a single hit against enemies and other obstacles, along with the ability to break bricks above his head.
Come with Mario to rescue the beautiful princess Lili from the hands of the bad guys and win.
Good luck!

how to play

Use the arrow arrow key to move