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Sushi Party

What is the most amazing snake game you have ever played? Maybe it was a challenging multiplayer game with friends, or a multi-player game where you used your wits and strategy to outwit your opponents.

There are many versions of the Snake game, Among them is Sushi Party. In this game, you control a snake that moves along a graph. You need to eat the food and grow until you reach the goal. If a player eats your head, then you lose. There are different levels to this snake game with increasing complexity in terms of food and goal sizes. In this version, there is no time limit and it is 2 players only. You can decide how many people will play the game: just one or two. The 2 player version also has options to allow scoring or not scoring so you can play against a friend or family member and not worry about winning or losing at all! If you love games like Pacman, check out this fun new twist on the Sushi Party game!

how to play

1 Player Controls

Use your mouse to control the snake's movement

Press the left mouse button to boost the speed

2 Player Controls

Player 1 use arrow keys to move

Player 2 use ESDF to move