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Text Twist

Text Twist - this amazing game is the fastest way to learn new words and skills! With its simple interface and easy-to-use features, you'll be able to grasp new concepts in a matter of minutes. Plus, it's a great way to keep your learning sessions organized and concise. So don't wait any longer - start learning today with Text Twist.

This game is a new and exciting text game for your android device. You can play it with your friends or family, and it’s perfect for children of all ages. The latest fad on the internet is playing a text twist game. Text twist games allow you to play with your friends and create new stories. You can also play with strangers on sites like Tinder, and if you’re really brave, you can even try it as an online multiplayer game at one of the many gaming sites where it's available.

The game of Text Twist is a fun and addicting way to pass the time. A player is tasked with turning all letters in the alphabet, one by one, into text that says "T" in an allotted amount of turns. The first player to make all words say "T" in their turn wins!
The game takes about 10 minutes to play through, but it would be a great addition for your party or you can compete with friends or family and see who can last the longest.

The Text Twist game is a simple twist on the classic "telephone" game. You need to take turns reading a sentence and describing it in your own words, but every time you describe a sentence, the person who wrote it changes it. For example:

"I have _____."

The first person would say "a dog." The second would say "a cat." The third would say "a fish." Then the fourth would say "a hamster." And so on until everyone has described their animal.
This is an easy game to play when you're bored on a bus ride or waiting for a friend at Starbucks. It's also great for kids and adults to play together! All you need are some paper and pens. Play up to ten people at once!

Great for people who love word games and strategy games alike, this could be a fun new activity for your next gathering or party.
As always, playing safe with electronics is advised.
Have fun!

how to play

You'll start with a bunch of circles, each of which is labeled with a letter. When you're ready to submit it, click enter after clicking on a letter to place it in the box above. The word displays in the top-of-the-screen grid. There's also a hidden 'bingo word,' which will win you extra points if you find it.