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The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup

Join Papa Smurf and his friends in their adventure to clean up the vast oceans. Join them as they use their special ability to collect trash and return it back to Pappy's recycling center. Collect all the trash piles before the time runs out, and take home Smurfbucks for your successful cleanup!

We all love the Smurfs, and now they're back to help you with a problem many of us have been struggling with for years: the ever-growing amount of trash in our oceans. You can download this game for free and help the Smurfs clean up the ocean, one piece of trash at a time. Enough is enough. Get your Smurfs on and let's help save the planet together!

Join the Smurfs on their journey through the Ocean to clean up trash and save our Planet! Tap on the fish and help them collect all the trash in the ocean to protect it from pollution. From octopuses, to jellyfish, to dolphins, there's plenty of creatures to help you clean up! But watch out for the evil wizard Gargamel! Help Papa Smurf collect coins and power-ups to build a better village for all of his little blue friends. It's time to go "deep" into this new adventure!Watch out for dangerous obstacles like oil spills & plastic bottles that will take away your health! Use your earnings to upgrade your equipment. This game is especially important now with the summer season just around the corner. The Smurfs are counting on you.

how to play

Left click to drop the fishing line into the water.
Move the mouse: to direct the fishing line as the Smurf pulls stuff up to his boat.