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Tiles of the Unexpected

Welcome to the game Tiles of the Unexpected remove the strange picture, explore thousands of different levels. Following the instructions from the blobs, the goal is to clear all these dark images from the board and blow them up your way. You can also use bombs to blow away puzzle pieces that get in the way when you get stuck! After removing all of them, the game will display an image in the back.
In this game you have to match at least two identical adjacent pictures together to eliminate by clicking on them. Those images will be removed from the board and the images above will automatically take their place. If the falling shapes match the ones below them, it creates a combination. Combinations earn you points and bombs to use for later moves. You can also match shapes on a different layer, as long as they are adjacent to each other. When you run out of moves, you get a bomb that can be placed in order to remove any tiles. Don't forget to check your bomb count on the left side of the screen. If you do not remove all the pieces, you will lose. Good luck!

how to play

How To Play Tiles of the Unexpected