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Traffic Racer Xmas

In the Traffic Racer Xmas, you are the main character and your job is to control the vehicles in traffic. The roads are always crowded with cars and trucks and they need to alternate so as not to clog up. Drive as fast as you can without crashing into other vehicles or getting yourself destroyed by an opposing car. You have limited time so make sure you don’t waste a single second on anything less than perfect driving! If you love playing games then you would absolutely love this one, it’s super fun! Be very careful though, since it can be a real test of your reflexes!

Welcome to the Traffic Racing Xmas Special! We have a few personalized gifts picked out just for you. It’s all about the holiday spirit here at Traffic Racing Games, so we decided to do something special this holiday season. In addition to our regular in-game money, we will also be distributing a set of exclusive items that can only be acquired by playing the game. There are several tiers of gifts and as you advance through them, more and more rewards become available.

In Traffic Racer, you are racing through country roads with your friends and family. Driving a standard car, you need to avoid hitting other vehicles as well as the road barriers. The roads are full of traffic right now and there are fewer cars on the road than usual so the chances of running into another car are going to be higher than.

The traffic racer is back for another action-packed season of racing. This time, you'll have to deal with the holiday rush! Crank up your car, fire up the racing simulator and get ready to take on all challengers this holiday season. Let's drive safely!

Win Yeej as the Gingerbread Racer of the year! Win gifts, prizes, and upgrades to upgrade your car faster than ever before in this V8 racing game. With over 20 cars to unlock and upgrade, you'll need to stay on your toes if you want to build up that.

how to play

Use the arrow key on the keyboard to move.