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Uphill Rush 10

The city is under attack from mutated creatures! Uphill Rush 10: The Mutant Invasion is the newest and most thrilling installment in the Uphill Rush franchise. As a special operative, you must use your wits, reflexes, and driving skills to crush the invaders.

This is the first racing game in the Uphill Rush series. In this game, you must help the little red robot to reach the finish line. This game has interesting and challenging levels for you to conquer.

Uphill Rush is a real-time racing arcade game designed for quick pick-up play. The objective of the game is to control your car and reach the finish line before your opponents. Your opponents are AI-controlled cars on their way to the finish line as well. The different tracks in this game have varying degrees of difficulty so that even if you aren’t any good at racing games you will still have some fun. Our favorite part about Uphill Rush is that there are no frustrating timers or difficult challenges to complete before getting to the fun parts of the game. You can simply jump right into playing online races with friends or dive right into a single-player career mode that has over 30 different levels to discover.

Uphill Rush 10, is a racing game with simple controls. The objective is to reach the finish line before your opponent does. However, to do so you are going to need to be fast and smart about the tracks! Uphill Rush has several different modes for you and your friends to race on. From Time Attack, which puts you against the clock; to Versus Mode where you can face off against a friend or the AI (Artificial Intelligence); or even Split Screen mode for local multiplayer action! This game requires quick thinking and reflexes, as competition heats up between racers the faster they get.

The player gains points by passing through checkpoints located on the streets of NYC. There are also power-ups littered around the map, and when collected they can be used to boost your performance such as a temporary shield or an extra burst of speed at the cost of some of your remaining health points. Good luck!


how to play

Use arrow keys on the keyboard or the onscreen buttons on mobile