Smash Karts

Uphill Rush 8

The 8th edition of Uphill Rush is here, and it's better than ever! Uphill Rush 8 takes your gaming experience to the next level with a new design, an improved 3D engine, and a bigger world that we could fit in before! Take on the all-time classic arcade games while dodging traps and obstacles. There's no better time than now to go on an adventure for free and get Uphil.

It's time to go on a fast-paced, bumpy ride with Uphill Rush 8. Challenge your friends to the highest score in the global leaderboard or take on tough obstacles with your buddies in Adventure Mode. Collect coins & power-ups & explore different worlds in the latest Uphill Rush game.

It's the most exciting game with all the bikes, slides, and games you love - but now in an all-new level of detail! It has never been more fun to ride your bike against friends or to up your adrenaline with a dangerous waterslide. It has never been more fun to play with friends than in this new, dynamic setting.

Get ready to hold on tight and feel the thrill of a lifetime as you build up a sweat with Uphill Rush 8! A great cardio workout awaits as you race your opponents from start to finish, all without breaking a sweat. Challenge your friends to see who can get the fastest time as they slide down our insanely fun waterslide or go for a spin on our iconic rollercoaster.

how to play

Use the arrow keys or tap to move your character over the waterslides.