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Vex 4

Vex is a platform runner game where you play as a robot named Vex. You are in a test facility, and you must get out of there as fast as possible. The game switches between platforming and a runner game. The platforming parts of the game involve you searching for switches, ladders, and other obstacles. You must use your jet-pack to navigate the test facility and get out of there. The runner parts of the game are when you are being chased by robots and security bots. You must run as far as you can so you don't get caught.

The game has 6 different worlds, each with different obstacles and enemy robots. Each world also has 6 different challenges for you to complete. The game is still in early access, and as such, there may be some bugs and issues. The game is free to play, and you can purchase microtransaction options for the game. The game has about 13 different microtransaction options, each costing a different amount of in-game coins. If you enjoy the game, we would appreciate it if you purchased the in-game coin.

Vex 4 is a game where you have to run and jump through different levels while avoiding enemies, traps, and more. The game is updated on a regular basis. With new levels, new challenges, and new enemies. The latest update added three new worlds, new obstacles, new enemies, and a whole new gameplay idea. If you like platformers, run and jump through levels, and avoid enemies and traps, this is the game for you! Players who completed the level will get coins. Players who passed the level with a certain score will get coins.

You have awoken in a mysterious labyrinth. You have lost your memory. All you know is that you are the sole survivor left in this place. Vex 4 is a game of exploration and exploration of the mind. It’s a game about finding one’s way out of a maze, in life as well as in a game like this. Explore, find your way and make your way out of this labyrinth. Like all maze games, the challenge will be self-imposed. There are no clues, no hints, and no red herrings. There is only you and your wits. Explore, find and use objects you don’t even know you possess. Run, jump, climb, swim and crawl and find a way out.

Vex is a new type of game from the creator of Superhot VR. In this first-person action runner, the player uses a sword and a trail of glowing blue Vex to navigate a mechanical jungle full of traps and surprises. By cutting vines, jumping, and slashing, you’ll find your way out. The game features a unique art style, minimalist music, and procedurally generated levels that keep each run.

how to play

Move with WASD or with the arrow keys.R to restart a level.